Highgate Builders works with a number of architects, designers and interior designers. This provides our clients with exceptional service beginning with the conception of their new home, all the way through to completion.

Being involved in the process from start to finish allows Highgate Builders to offer many benefits to our clients. Some of these benefits include:

  • Custom design – We develop each design specific to the building site, budget and client’s preferences.
  • Quality – We monitor the project from start to finish to ensure the highest level of quality.
  • Value Design – Our team works collaboratively to design efficient floor plans and select quality interior finishes that are budget friendly. Regardless of the overall budget, each home is built with the most efficient processes and resources, creating a home of exceptional value. We make sure that the home you design is the home you can afford to live in.
  • Convenience – Highgate Builders offers superior service from start to finish of every project. Instead of contacting an architect, engineer, designer, etc., our clients make one phone call to their project manager who handles everything.
  • Team – We work with you to pick an architect, designer and interior designer. We believe that having a team that is on the same page from the beginning is critical to having the building process go smoothly.
  • Budget – We work with our clients to ensure they receive the quality they are looking for with the budget that they have. We put together an accurate and straightforward budget that includes everything from building permits to landscaping. This way there are no surprises later on.