There’s a perception that the bigger the builder, the pricier the home. Many people think that a full service builder, who operates with a team of professionals, is going to cost more than a smaller builder because they have lower overhead costs.  We want to show you that’s not the case!

By working with Highgate Builders, you can expect exceptional quality and professional construction management at a competitive price, with value that’s built into each project from the start.

Here’s how we do it:

Buying Power

Highgate Builders has developed relationships with many of the top trade contractors in our area. They pass along preferred pricing and availability to us, which we pass along to our clients. We also have a full-time staff of qualified carpenters whose time is always dedicated to us, insuring their work meets our schedule and budget.

Value Engineering

Our projects vary in size and finish levels. Each project is driven to the budget of the individual client by using efficient construction methods and materials to create the client’s ideal design.

Highgate Builders designs and builds homes of all sizes and budgets. Contact us about specific pricing for your project.

We offer a free site analysis where we walk your property to discuss design ideas, infrastructure, building placement and rough costs.


What size homes do you design and build?

No job is too small or too big. We build everything from a garage, to a small addition, or large estate.

Does Highgate Builders do smaller projects like remodels and additions?

Yes! Everything from full remodels and additions to small renovation projects like kitchen and baths. Take advantage of our free consultation where we visit the property and discuss ideas and rough costs.

Do you offer a free quote?

We’d love to! Contact us today to discuss ideas for your project or to schedule a meeting.