We are just completing a home with Highgate in Northbrook. We are very pleased! Jon and his team are very professional and knowledgable and they truly do their best to make the client happy with their home. We are pleased with all aspects of the house but some of the craftsmen deserve special recognition: the woodwork craftsmanship and painting are absolutely gorgeous, the tile work is beautiful and precise and the electrician was very helpful and accommodating. We selected Highgate because of their focus on quality and we would absolutely hire Highgate again!

– Larry and Carol Panozzo

Alix and Jon,

Tonight I returned home to hear a water sound coming from an exterior wall to my house. Given the cold temperatures I was concerned about a burst pipe in the wall. I sent a text to Kevin, Tom and Darin asking if I should be concerned. Within minutes I had a call from Kevin. After a few questions he said it was best to have someone look at it. 20 mins later Tom Dennis was at the house. Even though Tom was dragged away from his home on a bitter cold night he was cheerful and very professional. Fortunately, Tom was able to determine that it wasn’t a big issue.

I want to let you both know how impressed and grateful I am for that prompt and professional service that both Tom and Kevin provided. When I was doing my initial research on Highgate, your other clients commented on how excellent your after build service is. I see now what they were talking about. As owners I thought you’d like that feedback. Great work.

Happy Holidays to you and your families.

– Kevin Hoffmeyer

So now, almost 2 years out, I can say that each day I enter our new space, I love it the same as I did when you first designed and finished it. I think that has to be a true sign of a successful project. I am happy with every color, surface, size, finish…you name it. If feels like it has always been part of the house and has changed the way we live and interact. I am your biggest fan. Thank you for everything. I do think that I did a horrible job of expressing my happiness at the time of completion, but now as I reflect, I just want to say THANK YOU!

– Stephanie Anderson

Highgate Builders built our new home in Wilmette and we could not be more pleased with the quality and professionalism. I very highly recommend Highgate as a trusted builder. There were many times during construction that Highgate gave me options that allowed me to save money or apply money from one area to another. I appreciated their honesty and we were able to keep the entire project on budget and on time. Great builder, you cannot go wrong with Highgate.

– James Althoff

Highgate is among the most elite and respectable builders in the Midwest, building the highest quality homes and providing incredible personal service.

Highgate completed our house within 11 months of breaking ground. The building process could not have been any smoother. There were no “surprises” during the process that delayed the project or increased its cost. Highgate has such deep relationships with its subs/trades that it is able to make sure that they were available for the work at the appropriate time and completed their work on schedule. We received a schedule every week or so that showed the house’s progress against the original timeline, so we were able to monitor the timing.

There is no doubt in our mind that Highgate delivered a better home than any other builder would have. Moreover, we could trust Highgate and we knew that it would stand behind its house in every detail, no matter how small.

– Andrew Fuchs

We hired Highgate to be our contractor for the construction of our new home. Jon and his team are incredible to work with. From site selection, budgeting, planning, construction, and post move-in, everything could not have run smoother. On time, on budget; what more can you ask for? We maintain a wonderful relationship with Highgate and could not offer a stronger endorsement of their work.

– Jon Zirin

Jon and everyone at Highgate have turned a traditionally frustrating client experience into a pleasure. I am happy to be among the few whose ongoing relationship with their builder is nothing but fantastic.

Highgate does not forget about you once the project is done – as a matter of fact, he never views a project as “complete”. If you live in one of Jon’s homes, you are forever a Highgate client.

I have and will continue to recommend Highgate to anyone thinking about buying a house. Those who listen to my recommendation appreciate me when they are building, but love me once they’re complete. Jon stands by his product and never stops taking care of his clients.

Addendum (May 2013) Highgate was great to work with and, seven years later, I still have a great relationship with Jon, Alix, Tom, Lukas and the whole crew. What makes Highgate unique is not only that they do quality work on budget and on time, but that they really stick by their product. No nickle and diming ever and sense of urgency is fantastic.

The biggest differentiator that I’ve experienced is that they are actually a client-driven builder (many say they are, very few practice it). Throughout my community, Highgate is the only builder I know who has relationships with all past clients – continuing to do the right thing as opposed to just doing things right.

– Scott Eisen

Highgate Builders built our home in Munster, Indiana. They were professional, clean (!!), had great subs, and were even pickier on details than we were. We have been in the home for almost a year – nothing to complain about and if we did, I am sure Highgate would be on the job immediately. We had weekly meetings with them and the architects which helped so much with communication. And we were sent an updated schedule every two weeks – they finished the house early!!!! We would highly recommend Highgate Builders!

– Ingrid Wolf

We approached the decision to build a house with some trepidation—we had heard so many stories about people who had terrible experiences with their builders. But when we met Jon and talked with him about building a house, all of our concerns and fears went away.

Building with Jon is a wonderful experience. He is in the neighborhood – he lives where he builds – and so you feel that he is deeply invested in the success of the project. He makes the whole process very easy, and has a wonderful team to work with you to build the house you want.  Jon’s team includes his architect, his designer, his senior contractor – all of them were incredibly skilled and pleasant to work with. During the building process, Jon and his team were 100% accessible and responsive to our emails and phone calls. But the real proof is in the final product- since we have been in our house, we have been incredibly happy – it is everything we hoped it would be and more. On the little things that we have come up with since we moved in, Jon and his team have been incredibly responsive and accommodating. All in all, it has been an incredible experience and we love the house Jon built for us.

– Shawn & Laura Fagan

Jon Kogan built a new house for us in Glencoe five years ago. We are delighted with the house and with his work. The planning and construction process turned out to be a pleasure. His principal assistants and his workmen were excellent and careful. He and they did the work on schedule and within budget. Over the past five years, we have given very enthusiastic recommendations of Jon to prospective home builders, including several acquaintances and will continue to do so. Anyone who wishes more information is welcome to get in touch with us through Jon.

– Sharon & Eden Martin

Jon was a pleasure to work with when we bought our first house from him in 2004. Anytime we needed his help, whether it was for a light bulb that was too high to replace or having our driveway blacktop sealed, he not only responded immediately, but would never take any money from us! Having spent 22 years in the real estate business, I have seldom seen such personal service or attention to detail. When we decided to build a new house in Glencoe, we did not even consider another developer. We have been in our new house a little more than a year and love it. We consider Jon a close friend and would not hesitate to act as a reference and attest to the quality and service that we have received from Highgate.

– Jacquie & Todd Lippman

We can’t begin to share how life-changing our experience with Highgate Builders was and how grateful we are to have been partnered with them through the renovation and expansion of our non-profit animal shelter. We had a terrible start to the project when we partnered with an architect/GC who had no respect for our non-profit shelter’s budget or timeline. We found ourselves displaced, horrifically over-budget and had no idea what to do or how to salvage our project. We heard of Highgate Builders through a neighbor and reached out to them for help. Jon, Tom and their team immediately swooped in, took us under their wing and bent over backwards to get us back on track. They were able to assess our needs, budget and timeline and present us with a realistic, functional plan of action. They dove into our project head-first gutting our existing shelter, adding a 3,000 square foot addition, and taking the direction of two crazy cat ladies all in stride! Our project Superintendent Darin and Carpenter Andre were unbelievable, responding to every request we made and going above-and-beyond to ensure we were always 100% satisfied with the work being performed. Every email was always returned, every phone call answered, and never once did we feel like they couldn’t get the job done exactly how we wanted it. Executive Director Abby Smith and I went into this project with no knowledge on how the construction process worked and could never have done this without the support, knowledge, generosity and kindness of every single person associate with Highgate Builders. We feel so fortunate to have found them and our only regret is not having them involved from the very start of this project. Abby and I have the utmost respect for the level of knowledge, skill, professionalism and positive attitude shown by every person on the Highgate Team. If we could sing their praises from the rooftops, we would. They are truly that amazing. We would reccommend them again and again and again. They were our life-savers and we can only hope that something breaks at the shelter so we can call them up and see them again! We will always be available as references and would be thrilled to share what an incredible experience we had with them. All businesses should take a note out of their book… these guys really know how to do things right.

-Kelly Thompson (Director of Development) Felines & Canines

I had the pleasure of working with Jon on the construction of my house in 2007-08 and it was truly a wonderful experience. Not only did Jon deliver on time, but the attention to detail, delivery on promises, quality and absolute no hassle method in which Jon and his people work is truly unique and rare in the construction business. There is a reason Jon is still around and others have faded away in the past few years. Jon delivers on what he promises. Period. Don’t think twice. If you are considering Jon, be sure to use him. I am always available to speak further if you would like.

– Jeffrey Michael

We had worked with several builders before we met Jon at Highgate. In each case, our experience was the same- builders who over promise and under deliver. Working with Jon is completely different. He lives up to every promise, over delivers in every instance, and always makes you feel as if your home is the only one he is building. He made the process so easy, the minute we finished our house, we wanted to build another with him.

– Liz & Eric Lefkofsky